A Short History of Microsoft and Google Inc.

The most renowned computer technology corporation of the world is Microsoft and Bill Gates is the person who founded the company. Google is the world’s famous search engine that comes to one’s mind when thinking about internet. It was unbelievable to see that two young graduate students – Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Stanford University became famous for developing the world’s fastest and reliable search engine.

A computer is almost incomplete with an operating system and when we think about an operating system, Microsoft Windows comes to one’s mind. Although Microsoft released their first operating system in 1980 which was a variant of Unix. The company made several programs, one of them was DOS known as Disc Operating System was also a great success for the company. However MS Windows is fame for the company around the world. Its versions have developed from time to time.

The two students behind today’s Google started their experiment of search engine on the servers of Stanford University. BackRub was the ancestor of Google that ran for over a year on the university servers before it was closed down because it was been using too much bandwidth for the university to handle. It did not make Larry and Sergey to end the project. The two friends pursued their passion after setting up a shop in the garage of Susan Wojcicki who was the sister-in-law of Sergey Brin.

Google’s success started within a short time of only one year and it had become one of the fastest-growing Silicon Valley of the 20th century. A year later, Google won the Webby Awards. They entered into a partnership with Yahoo and launched AdWords service and Google toolbar. It was hailed as the world’s largest search engine when it had hit the billion-URL index.

Microsoft had also created their very first own home computer system in 1983 which was called MSX. Their very own system gained huge popularity in South America, Europe and Japan. In a short period of time, Microsoft rose to one of the major software developer and vendors in the home computer industry. Microsoft released a program called Microsoft Mouse in 1983. This expanded their product line and other markets. Ever since then Microsoft has been the biggest largest player in the industry for creating state-of-the-art softwares. Besides this, Microsoft had also entered the PC gaming world with their Xbox system in 2001.

The success of Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. continues to grow. Most users in the world cannot think of switching to another operating system apart from Windows because it is user friendly. Google continues to develop and improve how people experience the Internet. Both of the companies doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon but seem to grow.