Extend the Life of Your New MPV With Quality Maintenance, Care and Car Insurance for Your Ford Galaxy

From the affordable Zetec to the award-winning Titanium X model, the Ford Galaxy adds a touch of luxury and style to family MPVs. They are rugged enough to take your family almost anywhere and flexible enough to haul most items. If you want to enjoy these benefits for years to come, proper vehicle care and maintenance are of the utmost importance. And when the worst happens, the right car insurance for your Ford Galaxy will provide the support and comfort you need to recover.

Maintaining a New Ford Galaxy

When you bring a new vehicle home, you have to get familiar with all of its features and options. Start by exploring all of its compartments. Push the buttons and locate all of the lights. This will make the MPV easier to drive, but it’s also a great way to learn about the many conveniences and options your new ride has to offer.

To extend the life of the MPV and minimise repairs, you have to look after it properly from the beginning. Your family’s safety rides on your vehicle’s tyres, so they have to in good condition at all times. Start by checking the overall condition and air pressure of each tyre every fortnight and before each long trip. You should also rotate them every 3000 to 6000 miles and have them aligned and balanced every 12,000 miles.

Look over the MPV every day before you get in. You should also take a few minutes when refuelling to check the vehicle’s engine, brake and washer fluid levels. If it’s cold out, it’s also a good idea to assess the condition of your tyres and their air pressure levels.

Closer inspections of your Galaxy should be done once a month. After testing the horn and air conditioning, give the parking brake a try and make sure the wheel nuts are tight. Top up the power steering and coolant levels and inspect the pipes, hoses and reservoirs for leaks.

Your driving habits also affect the vehicle’s health. To reduce the number of claims on the car insurance for your Ford Galaxy, try to avoid hitting holes, kerbs and other road hazards. If you do have to mount the kerb, climb it with the wheels at a right angle to reduce the strain on the MPV’s undercarriage.

Keeping Your MPV Clean

Dirt and debris wear away at the vehicle’s fabrics, leather and exterior. Once it starts to wear, the metal will start to rust and the whole vehicle will start to take on a ratty appearance. You can’t turn back the clock or undo the damage when it starts. The only option is to replace or repair these surfaces and that can get extremely expensive.

To keep the paint and clear coat in pristine condition, wash it regularly with a sponge and auto shampoo before rinsing it with pressured water. A vacuum and a soft cloth will take care of most of the dirt inside the vehicle. And once or twice a year, you will have to give the paint a coat of wax and spray the fabric and leather with special protective coatings.

Recover From Disasters With the Right Car Insurance for Your Ford Galaxy