Launching Your Home Based Business

When you think about marketing, you want to think about how you would most likely respond to a sales pitch. If you’re the person who comes up and tries to sell something to everyone at every school function or work break, chances are people will start avoiding you. Remember, a person is going to buy a product from you for two reasons; 1) they trust you; 2) they would like to try the product you are selling.

So what steps can you take to launch your business?

1) Have business cards printed and keep them on hand. When you’re catching up with an old friend at the supermarket or overhear someone say they are looking for a product you sell, business cards allow you to introduce yourself and your business.

2) Use social media. It’s a great way to set up a gateway to your business door. But keep in mind that you need to balance your posts. Don’t make every post about your business or people will soon be tuning you out. Share items you love and tell people why you love them. Also a caution about social media. You need to review the copyright rules of any affiliate company you represent. Many prohibit the use of their product names and pictures.

3) Host a book party. Invite a few friends over for an evening. Let them know the true purpose for the invitation. Provide each guest with a book and a wish list. At the end of the evening take orders. Keep a copy of each guest’s wish list, so you can let them know when their favorite items are going on sale or are about to be discontinued.

4) Samples sell. A good way to let people know about a product is to let them try it for themselves. If you love a certain type of lotion; carry one in your bag. The next time someone says “my hands are so dry”; let them use your lotion. If you sell food items; have friends over for dinner and serve one of the items you sell. Get their reaction. Showcase your favorite piece of jewelry by wearing it out when you run your errands. I find this is the best way to get a conversation started about your business.

5) Join a business association such as your local Chamber of Commerce. It’s a great way to meet new people. Such organizations often host events that allow their members to promote their businesses; providing you with an opportunity to expose your business to a new market of people.