Seven Good Reasons Why You Should Work For Yourself

This article is written to show you good reasons that you may want to work for yourself. Although by reading this, it would appear that you may already have your own reasons, if so hopefully this article will give you more.

So… Why should I work for myself?

Many of course have just simply been forced into looking at self employment as an option because of the current financial climate and modern austerity cut-backs that resulted in many losing their employment of working for ‘the man’.

There is also the fact that due to the attitudes of government and of those still working that those unemployed are nothing but scroungers and downright criminal! Both you and I know that nothing is further from the truth. There have always, and will always be scroungers but you by reading this are obviously not one of those. So let us look at reasons that you may wish to become self employed and to work for yourself.

Simply there are four types of people in this world. The first category are simply ‘bone idle’ and have no intention of ever working, firmly believing that the world owes them a living. These will always be poor and destitute by their own vocation. The second category, by no fault of their own are disabled for one reason or another and simply cannot work. Unfortunately most of these, through no fault of their own will also, usually be perpetually poor. Even though most would want to earn a living, if they were able. The third category is the one that most, but not all people have been in at sometime, if not most of their lives. These are the people who did or do work for ‘the man’ very often in the corporate world with all its regulations and which was usually, until recently, safe and secure with a fair income and reasonable pension. These days are now gone and it is these people who now have great fear of their jobs. In fact many have already lost their job and are now part of the growing ranks of the unemployed. The final category of people are the entrepreneurs who have always sought to set out on there own with their own business. Because of today’s trends, many people of the third category, those who did work for the man are now discovering that they too have an entrepreneurial spirit.

There actually is a fifth type but I have excluded them because these will be habitual criminals who have no intention of ever doing a honest days work!

Going out on your own can be very frightening at first and many will tread the waters of self employment with great trepidation!

Initially, I will just look at some of the main advantages of going it alone and then will go into greater detail with a list of twelve good reasons why to work for yourself. There can be many disadvantages as well as short and long term benefits to ‘going it alone’ and we will examine some here:


Self employment is generally a struggle at first until you get established. Generally until you are established it can be very frightening, frustrating, worrying and difficult. Although you will often see the way forward, many of your loved ones and so called friends will be urging you to give up now. It is very important that you neither give up or listen to them. A very famous saying from Ross Pero, is very apt here, and it is: “Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.”

The advantages of working for yourself are numerous. There is usually no commuting which has a great benefit on your pocket and your peace of mind. There are no pointless endless meetings that get nowhere. You working for yourself will have a greater momentum because other people are not holding you back. The coffee tastes much better and with your desk being ten steps from your kitchen, there is an endless supply and you will not have to travel for your lunch. Many people even work from their local coffee shop. If you work from a laptop then you can as well or in fact anywhere that you want. The gymnasiums and swimming pools are empty during the day, on weekdays, as in fact are most the shops and as you work for yourself, there is no sneaking out to do a personal errand! You are your own boss, who sets his or her own hours, wages, expenses, holidays, targets and even chooses the office layout and furniture.

Let us look at some of these reasons to work for yourself in greater detail:

1 Complete Flexibility and Full Control Over Your Targets and Profits.

When working for yourself you quickly discover that you will have a flexibility that you probably have never experienced before, especially if you had a JOB (Just Over broke). You can quickly change direction, change your priorities, follow rapidly developing opportunities, all without having to ask someone else. You are the decision maker, you are in charge and you will know all the facts. There is no one to answer to and you-not your manager or boss will benefit from your actions. The days of making someone else rich will have ended! You will now have the drive and impetus to achieve your aims, not someone else’s.
There is no risk of being fired if you do not reach targets as you are your own boss. You will have control over what you will do to improve matters. You will have your finger on the pulse and know exactly what is going on and how to improve it.

You will have more flexibility in how and when you work so if you need a trip to somewhere or need a day off. You can do it. If you want to dress casual then you can. There are many people who say they just wear their pyjamas. I’ve even seen me in the buff on a hot day-not a pretty sight, but then, there is only me to see it!

A lot of people will say that unless you dress up in business attire then you will not have the correct attitude for work. I doubt that, but can see the point though.

2 As The Boss, You Are The Master of Your Time.

When you work for yourself you will be in control, and every moment that you put in will be for your benefit only and for no one else, except the tax-man! You set your targets and profits and will happily work until you achieve them, knowing that it is for your benefit.

With your own business it means that you can decide which areas of the business are important to you and devote your time and energy to them. Similarly you know what areas of your product or service needs to be worked on. No need to ask anyone else you will know. Then you can allocate time and resources accordingly.

You know what works so you can make your work schedule work for you. You must be careful though. You must remember that your time at work must be productive and that you when working must be pro active. If you get yourself organised, there will be no wasted meetings. No seething over your bosses bad decision. No frustration because of wasted time. You will make the decisions and you will carry them out.

No more dragging yourself off to work in the morning in the daily rush hour. No battling your way through crowded tailbacks of constant traffic jams. No crowded buses or trains. By working for yourself, you will decide when you start and end work. You have the flexibility to shift your day around to suit your other interests. How many times has your last job prevented you from doing what you wanted? You will be the one who sorts out your own schedule so that it works for you, not someone else.

You will measure your own progress and not having it measured for you in corporate terms of face time, how good a team member you are. Or what products that you created or sold in someone else’s terms. Obviously you will still need to meet your deadlines, your targets and profit levels, not someone else’s. You will have the incentive to achieve because you only will see the benefit of it. How many times have you been forced into over achieving targets to please an overbearing boss? This type of pressure is bad for your health. As you only have yourself to answer to, life will be much less stressful or pressured.

3 You Can Be Yourself… At Last!

Working for yourself allows you complete freedom to be yourself and once you have done it for a while. Then you will know you could never bring yourself to go back to the ties of working for someone else. When you work for yourself you can do as you please, you can go to work in your jeans, undies or even the buff. You can and hold a meeting with your pet dog cat or snake if that helps you make decisions. You are the boss so do as you like! Put your self into your business, at least your good points anyway. Forget your previous corporate self and be your natural self, as you are amongst friends and family. That is the one they like, so share it with others. Obviously accentuate your positive virtues and suppress the negative faults and your personality will show in your work. Constantly monitor yourself and your business progress, constantly analysing how that worked so well or why it did not. Constantly making changes to suit you and your business.

Remember that you now have the freedom to be yourself. So be yourself because you do not have to please your work colleagues or your boss any more.

Obviously outcomes will depend on whether you start a business around your passion or around goals. Ideally it would be both but you are more likely to be a success in doing something that you love and are familiar with. When you do what you love, you will definitely have more energy and drive to succeed in what you do.

When you work for yourself, you will find that you will be always looking out for inspiration. When you have a brilliant idea, it means that you can try a new marketing strategy without having to please your boss, or have the boss breathing down your neck, criticising your ideas. When working for yourself you are not bound by the constraints of working for others. This therefore gives you freedom to live the lifestyle and make the decisions, of your choice.

4 Being The Boss-You Make The Decisions

You can yell at your boss. Really, it does help to reprimand yourself, I do it all the time. This is very good because, you realise what and why something went wrong and you sort it out. If I make a mistake then I give myself a good telling off! This is good because in the end, I know where I went wrong and have then put both myself and my business back on the track. If things go wrong, you have no one to blame but yourself. Looking to other people to blame does not work!

How many times have you felt that you were not valued fairly by your boss? How much do you consider you worth an hour? When you work for someone else, then the company or your boss decide you value and pays you according to the job market, often even lower. Companies want to keep their revenue high and costs low, with an incentive to keep wages down. Now you are your own boss you can decide your value. Being your own boss is one of the best things about working for yourself. You do not have to answer to anyone and you choose how much or how little work you want to do. You don’t have to ask the boss if you can have time off to go to the dentist or doctor.

5 Job Satisfaction and Personal Fulfillment.

You will remember, I am sure of working in an intolerable noisy environment where machinery noise or deafening, so called background music becomes most intrusive to your concentration and shortens your temper. Working in a little box or cubicle with uncomfortable seating or where inadequate lighting gives you constant headaches through eye strain of dim lighting or the glare of too bright lighting. Not only that, how many times have you been in a place, where you do not see natural daylight from the time you go in until the time that you come out. In winter months, you may go the whole winter without seeing any daylight at all! This is definitely bad for you, especially in your mood and concentration. And your vitamin D absorption will be in free-fall! If you are constantly in stress and with little exercise, your eating habits in decline through rushed breaks then your health and fitness will suffer and therefore with it your feeling of well-being. You are constantly aware of having no control over your working schedule, environment, working conditions or location which again will be very bad for your well being.

ESCAPE!: When you work for yourself you will have full control over all these things: Your working environment and working times. You can have meal breaks when you want. You can give yourself time to go for a walk, a swim or the gym to keep yourself fitter. You can make a point of going out in the winter sunshine to increase your mood. Your confidence will increase because suddenly it is you who is in control. Your whole outlook will be positive and you will feel better in your health and in your feeling of well-being. Then you will be more productive because your are in control, feeling confident and well.

6 You Will be Happier and Live a Higher Quality Lifestyle.

There is no doubt about it, when you have more time to do what you want to do, then you will be much more content. Your drive, and ideally your passion towards your work will give you success that will ultimately lead to a higher income.

Starting your own business needs nothing more than that first step. The great problem that most people have is lacking the drive or confidence to take that first step. It is amazing what objections your mind will conjure up to prevent that first step. This is fear of the unknown together with what is known as procrastination. If you do not want to jump in with both feet then hang on to your job and start your new business part-time. Obviously the commitment and hours are longer but the results are worth the effort. You could get to the point where you only want a part time job to give more to your business and then eventually go full time into your business. By then you will be much happier and your lifestyle will be changing in leaps and bounds.

Remember that with a traditional job, the odds are stacked against you, and you won’t be retired until 65, at least! Also remember that less than 1% of people with company pensions will have the funds for a respectable lifestyle at retirement.

7 Getting Started is Much Easier Than You May Think.

Just go to your local shopping centre or mart and look around you. Notice how it is filling up with charity shops, bookmakers shops and loan shark shops. Then look at all the boarded up shops. If you have an innovative idea for a shop, you can get one for a song.

Get a web site and work from home. There are amazing opening for anyone with an enterprising nature, a good idea and the drive. For ease, pay someone to set up a website for you or alternatively take the path of many and create your own. You can do so with free training from First Class Hut- See the links at the end of this article. Also also see my article “Seven Good Reasons Why You Need a Website”. There is a multitude of businesses that you can run from your own web site or web sites and all from the comfort of your own home, or if your prefer, your local internet caf or coffee shop. There never was a better time to start your own business than now! Good Luck. For more, please click on the links at the end.