The Top Three Ways of Making a Killing Working From Home

The Top Three Ways of Making a Killing Working From Home

Today, the internet is ripe with countless, literally countless opportunities of making money with few overheads and virtually nonexistent barriers to entry and start up costs. (Unlike the home based businesses of the pre internet era). The problem however lies in the fact that there are literally that many opportunities, that people get trapped in a sort of daze and paralysis. They don’t know which option to take, and they find it incredibly hard to assess which option would lead them to greatest profitability in the shortest amount of time.

Thankfully this article clears a lot of the above up, and unveils the three best, most robust and most tried and tested ways of making money from home. These methods work online, today. This isn’t some “theoretical” wool that used to work once upon a time. So if you take this information and take action with it, you could be earning a comfortable living from the comfort of your own home in a matter of days from now. So here goes.

Method 1 – Sell your skills.

This is also referred to as freelancing, and can be a very profitable and lucrative way of making money from home. You may think you don’t have the skills or talents to be a freelancer, but you would be really surprised at the multitude of services that are in demand on the internet. If you can write well, the obvious one is article writing or copywriting. Think about the millions of sites on the internet, they all need their content from somewhere, and you could be that person filling some of them with great original content. If you are dab hand on Photoshop, there is a huge demand for logo and web design. Popular sites like Odesk let you browse all the hundreds of available freelance jobs that you can bid for. If you win, you not only get paid for that job, but you could find the client offers you repeat business for a steady income stream.

Method 2 – Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has grown rapidly in popularity over the last 5 years. It is the act of promoting someone else’s product (usually a digital product, but it doesn’t have to be) in exchange for a commission for every sale you make. The distinct advantages of affiliate marketing is, you don’t have to spend time creating a product to sell, there are literally millions of ready made products online on marketplaces like ClickBank, that you can sign up to and sell. All you have to do then is advertise the product through promoting it on your own site, or building a site to promote it and just count your commission at the end of the month.

If you don’t want to promote digital goods, there are also opportunities to promote physical goods through networks such as Amazon Affiliates. Imagine having access to all of Amazon’s products, but not having to hold a single item of stock. You simply sell their items; forward the contact details and payment to Amazon, and you get a cut of the sale. Easy. Affiliate marketing has proven itself time and time again, there are tens and thousands of people that have created a viable full time income from affiliate marketing, amongst those there are also hundreds of affiliate marketing millionaires, a simple Google search will reveal some of them to you.

Method 3 – Create and sell your own products.

This is considered by some as the most lucrative way of making money online, but also one of the most difficult. If you have experience in absolutely anything in the world, then there is a big chance that there is a demand for your knowledge online. And as long as you can write, you can create a product. EBooks are a multimillion industry, and in some markets outweigh the sales of physical books.

So if you have a skill or some knowledge to give to the world, package it up into a product (be that an eBook, training membership course, video course) and sell it to the world, via your own site, or the dozens of online forums and marketplaces out there. Where it becomes mind bogglingly profitable is when you get affiliates (method 2) to promote your products for you. So all you have to do is create the product and the sales will come to you. Again there have been countless info product millionaires online, and there is nothing to say that you can’t be one of them.