Why Most Business Opportunities Fail – How to Find the Best Opportunity That Works

Most business opportunities fail because the owner didn’t map out a plan of how to structure the business, how to pay the associates or affiliates, lack of product and service knowledge, an inferior product, no training system that was tried and tested and above all, greediness.

These guys open up shop in their garage or kitchen table slapping up a sloppy website promising prospects their dreams will happen. People believe this junk paying their hard-earned money to become a part of it thinking this is their last opportunity only to get slapped in the face again.

They’re left broke, disappointed and discouraged swearing they’ll never join another business opportunity, but they eat their words joining yet another opportunity scam that repeats the same thing.

The owner knows nothing about marketing and has never tried the product himself and uses a training system that he never tried or tested that turned into a failure.

He doesn’t know how to structure the pay plan and when it’s time to pay the associates he’s broke and bails out. Another reason business opportunities fail is because of inferior products or the company hasn’t been in business long and is in debt unable to pay their bills so they can’t get access to the products.

These companies come and go and have scammed millions of people. Finding the best business opportunity that works takes due diligence on your part. The company needs to be at least seven years old, debt free, extensive growth, a superior product or service that’s in demand in the United States and Canada, a history of paying their associates prompt every week and in good standing with the BBB.

The company must be matched with a team that has succeeded in other businesses and is making most of their income from the internet. The team leader must have a training system that’s been tried, tested and proven to work with lots of videos, audio and training calls.

They must provide flyers, banners, a proven lead system and support. The capture page needs to be compelling with video proof, a precise description of the business and a sign up page.

It must be a low start-up cost affordable for everyone and is easy enough for the everyday guy to market. It should pay an outstanding referral commission per sign-up paying its associates weekly by check or direct deposit.

It must offer a product or service that no other company can beat. This article will help you find the best opportunity that works and can help you achieve your dreams changing your financial life forever.